Let nature be our teacher

Dr. Yang Wei_Associate Professor @  National Taipei University of Technology
                                       Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology

If you are interested in the beauty of the nature, even from the structure of protein itself, this might be a right place for you. My name is Yang Wei and anyone who would like to know more about the protein based biomimetic material designs is welcome to check about our research work here.

For example, understanding mussel adsorption is crucial to designing biocompatible DOPA-mimetic functional coatings. Currently, this lab aims to investigate how protein-surface interactions and protein-protein interactions affect the structure of  proteins and protein-based biomaterial designs.

       We are currently working on the following projects:

               (i) 生物材料表面摩擦行為與吸附蛋白質之關聯性碳討 (例如隱形眼鏡不適感與淚液蛋白吸附行為之檢視)

                            (ii) 人髮萃取角蛋白之奈米顆粒製備及其凝血機制探討

                          (iii) 貽貝黏附蛋白之探討與仿貽貝黏膠之設計

For more information, please see the following paragraphs ......

Crinis Carbonisatus had been used to accelerate wound healing and blood clotting since 16th century in Mainland China (photo was taken from 梅州市上善若水中药材有限公司). In this project, we will try to invetigate the molecular-level understandings of the biological activity of pyrolized human hair for hemostatic purposes and most importantly, to help the...

The goal of this project is to understand wet biological adhesion upon which to develop biologically inspired adhesives. Common experience tells us that adhesives and water do not mix: interfacial water constitutes a barrier to strong surface bonding, hampering the effectiveness of most synthetic adhesives. This is an even more serious problem for...

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