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Book Chapters

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Conference Oral Presentations

  • 253rd ACS National Meeting, April 2017 ˙ San Francisco, CA, USA "Adsorption behaviors of mussel proteins on biomaterials with different surface chemistries: A fundamental understanding of mussel inspired adhesive designs"
  • SFB Annual Meeting, April 2014 ˙ Denver, CO, USA "Determination of Orientation and Adsorption-Induced Changes in Tertiary Structure of Proteins on Material Surfaces by Chemical Modification"
  • 245th ACS National Meeting, April 2013 ˙ New Orleans, LA, USA "Determination of Adsorbed Protein Configuration on Material Surfaces by In-Situ Chemical Modification and Mass Spectrometric Mapping (IC-MSM)"
  • SFB Annual Meeting, April 2011 ˙ Orlando, FL, USA "Peptide-Surface Adsorption Free Energy for Material Surfaces Not Conducive to SPR and QCM using AFM"
  • Materials Research Society,November 2010˙ Boston, MA, USA "Characterization of Peptide-Surface Adsorption Free Energy by AFM and SPR Correlation"
  • 8th World Biomaterial Congress, May 2008 ˙ Amsterdam, Netherlands, Travel Award, "Measurement of the Adsorption Free Energy for Peptide-Surface Interactions by SPR Spectroscopy"